PET4FUN® PN920 Waterproof Hammock Convertible 53" x 58" Pet Dogs Seat Cover for Cars, Trucks, & SUVs  w/ Side-Flap Extensions, Seat Anchor, Non-slip Rubber Backing, Easy Access Seatbelt Velcro Opening


100% WATERPROOF CONSTRUCTION MATERIAL AND SIDE-FLAP EXTENSIONS DESIGN - PN920 Pet Car Seat Cover is made out of thick layers of fabric stitched together which creates an extremely durable pet seat cover capable of withstanding the most active pets. The top waterproof layer help keeps your car clean from any types of unforeseen accidents. The 8" side-flap extensions provide extra coverages to your seat cushions and you never had to do car details again.


FITS OVER THE BENCH SEAT OF VEHICLES, TRUCKS AND SUVS - PN920 Pet Car Seat Cover is 53" by 58" inches which allows full coverage over the back seat of standard vehicles, trucks and SUVs. Use it as a simple seat cover or hook the snap buckles over the front seat headrests to create a pet hammock. The hammock option is great for minimizing rustle, it keeps your seat from any dirt, liquid, scratches, hair and fur. No more endless sweep every weekend.


VELCRO SEAT BELT OPENING & QUILTED PATTERN PATTED MATERIAL - PN920 Pet Car Seat Cover featuring easy access seatbelt opening which can always ensure your puppy is hooked into the back seat using the seat belt. Quilted pattern patted material provides extra layers of comfort for your friendly pets. The material has a non-slip surface to prevent your pets from slipping every time you applying the brake or making a turn. The bottom material is also slip-proof PVC which can keep the cover in place.


SIMPLE DESIGN ALLOWS QUICK INSTALLATION IN SECONDS - Push the seat anchors down between the seat base and back seat, then loop the adjustable snap buckle straps around the headrests. Always ensure your puppy is hooked into the back seat using the seat belt. And that is really all it takes to keep your car clean from dirt, liquid, scratches, hair and fur. Now, you can be on your way with your furry co-pilot and never need to loose focus while driving.


MACHINE WASHABLE - The Pet4Fun PN920 Pet Car Seat Cover is 100% waterproof and completely machine washable to offer hassle/frustration free and extremely easy clean up optoin after your trip to the beach during the hot summers. However, hand wash is recommended for long lasting uses. The waterproof material allows it to be cleaned effortlessly by hand in tap water or wipe it with a wet cloth. Afterward, just hang it in a cool place for it to dry.

PET4FUN® PN920 Waterproof Hammock Pet Seat Cover

SKU: PN920
Color: Black
  • PET4FUN® PN920 Waterproof Hammock Seat Cover for Dogs


    • The hammock options of PN920 makes travel safer with fewer distractions.

    • Waterproof material keeps your vehicle clean, keep dirt off of your car interior.

    • PicassoTiles PN920 seat cover is made of a high quality, heavy duty polyester for durability and comfortability.

    • Multi-layer fabrics design allows this product to withstand the roughest of conditions while still allowing your pet to comfortably relax.

    • Easy to clean up after a trip to the park by tossing the seat cover into the washing machine.

    • The waterproof layer of PN920 allows your car to stay clean and keep any accidents contained onto a machine washable product.

    • Non-slip rubber backing design make PN920 stay firmly in place to allow optimal comfort for your pet on those long journeys.

    • Build-in seat anchors prevent the seat cover from sliding around.

    • PN920 protects backseats from dirt, spills, scratches, hair & fur, or other messes.

    • PN920 has one pocket for easy storing of pet's items such as toys, leashes, grooming supplies, water bottle.

    • PN920 features 8" side-flap extensions to provide extra protection for your backseat.

    In the Box
    • PN920 Waterproof Hammock Seat Cover for Dog x 1
    • User Guide x 1 

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