PicassoTiles Flying Ball Helicopter Toy Drone AI Control Suspension Artificial Intelligent Infrared Induction Self Lifted Aircraft with Motion Sensor Built-in Rechargeable Battery Flashing LED PTH200


INTUITIVE CONTROL - Adopts advanced motion sensor infrared suspension technology that detects the hands underneath and is programmed to rise up and fly away from the objects automatically by itself. 


INTERACTIVE 360 DEGREE OMNIDIRECTION - Instead of one way control to command, the helicopter descends at all direction, leading the player to follow the aircraft around interactively. Flying range and height is suitable for both outdoor and indoor play allowing children to experience this new interactive activities.


ENTERTAINING - Multi color LED light that increases the fun by lighting up  in the darkness through the transparent surface. Easy for beginners yet challenging for more advanced flyers do to its smart technology.


REQUIRES NO LEARNING CURVE - Simple as plug and play. Made of environmentally friendly non-toxic materials. Recommended for age 7 and older.


FLEXIBLE PROPELLERS AND BLADES - Constructed of premium and durable material to resist to falls, damages, dismantling and breaking apart. risk-free and worry free 100% satisfaction guaranteed.





PicassoTiles Flying Ball Electric Power Airlifted Helicopter PTH200





    - Advanced infrared motion sensor technology adopting the helicopters to lift the flying ball up from the ground easily and automatically when 

    - Made of non-toxic plastic premium material 

    - Multi-colored glowing LED light to increase the visibility in darkness

    - Suitable for all ages (8+ and up)

    - Requires no learning curve

    - Requires charging voltage at 5V 1A

    - Charing time 15 to 20 min

    - Playtime 5  - 6 minutes per single charge



    Not for kids under ag 8. It requires adult supervision at all time. 



    - 2" x 4.3" in diamter 


    In The Box
    PicassoTiles PTH200 Air Lifted Helicopter

    USB Charging Cable




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