PicassoTiles Kid’s Roll Up Electronic Drum Kit w/ Built-in Speaker - Portable Digital Midi Drum Pad & Sticks - 7 Drum Styles Headphone Jack Educational Musical Toy for Beginners Toddlers & Kids PT51


COMPACT & PORTABLE - Made with premium high-performance silicone, the sleek electronic drum pad is foldable, portable and easy to store. Whether playing indoors or outdoors, kids can relocate this fun musical instrument to any flat surface. The lightweight, roll-up drum kit can be handheld easily by children and placed on a floor or desk, making it the perfect travel instrument on the go. Optional headphone jack to allow children to rock out while drumming without disturbing anyone


7 DIFFERENT DRUM STYLES & DEMO SONGS - The perfect musical instrument for beginners, the digital drum pad is programmed with seven different styles of drums including snare, toms, hi-hat, cymbals and more. Children can enjoy practicing drums along with multiple demo songs or connect the electronic drum set to a media device such as an iPhone or computer to play along with their favorite music. The drum set also includes two drum pedals so kids can learn the mechanics of a traditional drum set.


PROMOTES CHILD DEVELOPMENT - Music improves academic performance and teaches children to use different parts of their brains. For toddlers, preschoolers and kids in grade school, this STEAM learning, educational drum set helps children to focus their attention and effort on one activity. Drumming and percussion teaches children how to count through beats and intervals. It also promotes hand eye coordination, motor skills, memory, listening and concentration while exploring the science of sound.


FUN & EDUCATIONAL - A great outlet for energy, the portable drum set is a blast to play alone or with others. Social development, teamwork, and collaboration are critical to success in today's world. The PT51 encourages children, parents or families to collaborate with each other to create beautiful music together while having fun. The recording feature means kids can record their own musical masterpieces and play it back with others, helping them to build confidence as they learn new skills.


GREAT GIFT FOR KIDS AGE 2-8+ YEARS OLD - Made by parents, we develop our toys with meticulous attention to the needs of all children and toddlers. This roll up portable interactive drum play set is fun for boys and girls alike and is a great inspirational source for preschool, classrooms, kindergarten and more. CHILD-SAFE & NON-TOXIC: Made of BPA-free and lead-free materials, the drum pad is CPC Child Product Certified and tested in a CPSC accredited laboratory to ensure quality and safety.

PicassoTiles® PT51 Flexible Roll-Up Educational Electronic Drum Kit

  • The PicassoTiles Portable Drum Kit for Kids (Age 2-8+) Features:

    - A sleek black drum pad made from high-quality, non-toxic silicone rubber with a soft, comfortable surface and high sensitivity
    - The STEM learning and educational drum set covers the needs of beginners learning how to play drums and improve their musical skills
    - Seven different drum styles, including snare, toms, hi-hat and cymbals, to enhance the musical experience
    - A fun variety of programmed digital demo songs to teach children about different musical genres
    - The PT51 drum kit is portable, easy to set up and includes a built-in speaker so you and your kids can get tons of good play time anywhere, anytime
    - Drum pedals and drum sticks help children learn the mechanics of playing a traditional drum set
    - Audio in/out feature with auxiliary capabilities means children can rock out through the built-in speaker or amplify through a larger stereo system
    - Built-in headphone jack lets children play as loud as they want without disturbing others, including parents who need some peace and quiet
    - Capability to connect with other devices so children can play their favorite music from an iPhone, iPod, computer and more
    - Record function enables children to record and play back their masterpieces when they want to share with others

    PT51 Drum Pad Specifications:
    - 7 Drum Styles
    - Demo Songs
    - Built-in Speaker
    - Stop Function
    - Record and Playback Function
    - External Power Option: USB 5V Power Adapter
    - Internal Power Option: 3 AA Batteries (Batteries Not Included)
    - Weight: 365g
    - Size: L12.5 x W27.5 x H1.0 Inches
    - Material: High-quality Silicone

    In the Box:
    1 x Portable Electronic Drum Pad
    2 x Drum Sticks
    2 x Drum Pedals
    1 x USB Power Adapter
    1 x USB Power Cable
    1 x User Guide

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