PicassoTiles PTT136 136pcs Tubular Pipes & Spout STEAM Interlocking Educational Building Block Set, Tube Locks, Pipeworks Construction Blocks w/ Storage Container Box, Idea Book, Flute Musical Kit


CREATIVITY & BRAIN DEVELOPMENT - Comes with various styles to allow children to acquire a strong sense of colors, structures, and geometrical shapes including number counts & architectural design to foster creativity and logical thinking ability at early stages. No limitations, scalable to build as big as desired by adding more pieces to create the masterpiece. This set also enhances fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination, spatial reasoning, problem-solving, and cognitive ability.


TUBULAR PIPES & SPOUT PUZZLE LEARNING TOY KIT - This 136pc tube lock set offers infinite architectural possibilities to young children who are just learning how to build with their own hands at early stages, allowing them the opportunity to stimulate the imagination and learning skills while encouraging discovery, developing motor skills with open-ended play. Frustration-free, kid-friendly pieces are designed to be easy for children at age 3 and older to easily connect together and take part.


HIGH-QUALITY & NON-TOXIC- Tubular pipes & spout interlocking building set is made of high-quality, toxic-free, lead- free, and safe material with the highest standards to ensure the safety of the children. This 136 pcs set covers the need of children, toddlers, and students to learn how to build different objectives including buildings and motors. Come with an idea book (14 designs) to help parents to show kids how to build different stuff and then encourage them to build their own design.


LEARNING BY PLAYING - Illustrated idea guide shows how to create vehicles. Create games by putting time on the clock. It's a great kid's tool play set for patterning and sequencing activity using the colorful pieces. With musical pieces, this set can be turned into the saxophone, flute, trumpet, horn. PTT136 is also STEAM toy, enabling the kids to learn by intuitive playing and bring out the best of all to be creative while technically, architecturally, and statically advanced at the same time.


BONDING BY PLAYING - Entertaining for single or multiple parties and feel a sense of achievement together. PTT136 building set is not only for kids but also for adults. Parents can play with kids and help them build different models and structural ideas together. This set provides children and families variety of entertainment and bonding time together, help children develop communication skills and teamwork as they play in a group, and gives kids the confidence to make their own fun.

PicassoTiles PTT136 Tube Building Block w/ Musical Kit Pipes Puzzle Toy Set

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  • PicassoTiles® PTT136 Plastic Building Block Pipes Puzzle Assembling Toy Set



    • Free musical kit included to transform the pieces of building blocks to musical instruments.

    • Create a maze of pipelines with this open ended construction set that includes 136 pieces with 7 different types of interlocking tubes and the musical kit.

    • PTT136 is designed to help children develop creativity and imagination while playing.

    • Children can acquire strong sense of color, geometrical shapes including number counts & architectural design at an early age.

    • Ideal use in classrooms, daycares, or home environments.



    Fun and entertaining, perfect educational present for school-age children that will never go out of style. Be an architect, be an engineer, be like Picasso, dream big and build big, create your own masterpiece! PicassoTiles in colossal styles! More pieces can always be added to upscale the size.



    Entertaining for single or multiple parties, great for parent to child bonding with hours of fun time. Easy to construct and easy to put away for storage.



    It’s never too early to start developing kid’s creativity at a young age. PicassoTiles inspire youngster’s learning by playing. Children will acquire a strong sense of colors, geometrical shapes including 3D forms, number counts, as well as the creativity which is the key factor to success in today’s ever changing environment.



    Unlike typical toys, each piece can be replaced and more pieces can always be added to build objects as big as desired.


    Recommended Age

    3 years and up.

    In the Box
    • PicassoTiles® PTT136 Plastic Building Block Pipes Puzzle Assembling Toy Set

    • PicassoTiles® PTT136 Idea Book

    • Portable Storage Container

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