Build A Winter Village: A Guide with Our Winter Castle Toy
A Analynn Kim

Build A Winter Village: A Guide with Our Winter Castle Toy

Nov 3, 2023

As summer fades and winter arrives, a special magic fills the air. It's the time when holiday excitement and magic begin to sparkle. It's a time for cozy gatherings and festive decorations. And what better way to immerse yourself in the magic of winter than by creating your very own winter village? Here's a personalized, step-by-step guide on how you can bring your winter village to life with the help of our winter castle themed toy sets.

Creating Your Winter Village: A Step-by-Step Winter Wonderland

Materials You'll Need:

    • A PicassoTiles winter themed castle toy set.
    • A suitable base (a piece of plywood, a large tabletop, or a white tablecloth).
    • Fake snow or cotton balls.
    • Miniature winter village buildings, character action figures, and accessories.
    • LED lights or PicassoTiles signature full-size prism, glitter, or LED tiles
    • Optional: Small trees, accessory car/truck vehicles, and other decorative items.

Step 1: Choose a Location

    • Select a suitable location for your winter village display. Ensure it's stable, level, visible, and accessible.

Step 2: Prepare the Base

    • Place your base material in the chosen location.
    • Cover it with fake snow or cotton balls for a snowy ground.
    • Secure it with double-sided tape or glue.

Step 3: Arrange the Buildings

    • Start by arranging miniature winter village buildings on the snowy base.
    • Construct your winter castle themed toy set in the heart of the display, leaving space for pathways.

Step 4: Add Character and Life

    • Enhance the scene by adding character action figures.
    • Create scenes such as snowball fights or villagers strolling through the streets.

Step 5: Create Pathways and Roads

    • Use powdered sugar or more fake snow to create realistic pathways and roads.
    • Consider using small pebbles or white gravel to outline roads.

Step 6: Add Decorative Delights

    • Enhance your creation with additional items like miniature trees, vehicles, lamp posts, and more to add depth and interest.

Step 7: Illuminate Your Village

    • Use LED lights or battery-operated tea lights strategically to create a warm and cozy glow.
    • Incorporate our 41pc prism, 48pc glitter, or 136pc learning combo LED tile toy sets for added lights, sparkle, and shine. These sets are compatible with other full-size magnet tile toys, such as our full-size winter castle themed toy set, making it easier to bring your winter village to life with captivating lighting effects.

Step 8: Final Touches

    • Review your winter village and add any final details for a dreamy finish.

Step 9: Share the Joy

    • Building a winter village is a fantastic way to get into the holiday spirit.
    • Encourage family and friends to join in the creative process and make cherished memories.

Step 10: Safety First

    • If using glue, lights, or small decorative items, please prioritize safety.


Building a winter village with our winter castle toy themed toy sets is a fun and rewarding project, and it's a great way to get into the holiday spirit. Be creative and let your imagination take you on a magical journey as you build your village, and don't forget to involve family and friends in the process!


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