Learning with Activity Tables
A Analynn Kim

Learning with Activity Tables

Dec 8, 2023

Every parent aspires to provide their child with a head start in life, promoting cognitive development and reining sensory processing skills from an early start. At PicassoTiles, we understand this desire, and that's why we introduced a game-changer in childhood development that can be added in with our other classic toy sets – our activity tables.

Our activity tables are captivating, versatile, and come with different features. We have activity tables that can store water, sand, and serve as a toy compartment. Plus, they can transform to a study desk for focused learning or an activity craft table where they can draw, or build. The table top can also interlock with building blocks and magnetic tiles. Need sensory ideas? Here's a few ideas:

Water Sensory Findings:
Fill your activity table with water; and have your child predict and test whether various household items will float or sink. This not only fosters scientific thinking but also promotes language development in a fun water play setting.










Sand Sensory Search:
Fill your activity table with soft, sensory-rich sand. Hide small toys, letters, or numbers within the sand. Encourage your child to explore and dig through the sand to find the hidden treasures. As they uncover each item, you can incorporate learning by discussing the colors, shapes, or identifying letters and numbers. This activity not only provides a tactile and enjoyable sensory experience but also enhances fine motor skills, cognitive development, and promotes a sense of discovery.

Building a love for Science:
Challenge your young architect to participate in the "Architects in Action" activity. Task them with designing and constructing imaginative structures, blending artistic flair with scientific principles. Encourage discussions about stability, balance, and the fascinating physics behind each creation. This interactive and educational activity not only sparks a love for science but also nurtures problem-solving skills and spatial awareness. Witness their excitement as they become budding scientists and architects, one creative structure at a time!

At PicassoTiles, we believe in nurturing potential through play. Our activity tables offer a unique blend of creativity, education, and enjoyment, ensuring that every moment spent using the table for play is a moment of growth and exploration.

Do you have a PicassoTiles sensory activity table? If so, tag us on one of our social channels; we'd love to see how you incorporate learning and fun with them


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