Must-Have Toys You Can't Miss
A Analynn Kim

Must-Have Toys You Can't Miss

Oct 31, 2023

If you love our magnetic building tiles, you're in for a treat with our other innovative toy sets, which include building toys that interlock like bricks to captivating marble mazes that inspire ingenuity, and even sets designed for on-the-go adventures. Let's dive into a few of our must-have toys you can't miss.


Magnetic tile and brick combo toy set



While the initial impression of this magnetic building brick tile set may suggest that it's primarily designed for interlocking brick blocks, the reality offers a more versatile and engaging play experience. Don't be misled by its appearance; this toy set includes magnetic tiles and interlocking block bricks because they can seamlessly combine with each other offering a wide range of creative play possibilities. What's even more exciting is that it can become more expansive with its compatibility with our character action figures from our STEAM Extras collection, adding an extra layer of excitement and fun. This toy is a must-have because it allows kids to get creative between building with magnetic tiles and interlocking bricks, keeping play time new and exciting every single time


marble run tiles


Did you know that our marble run tiles are magnetic as well?  The colors on our marble runs are vibrant plus there are so many things you can do with this toy. Kids can create mazes, that guide marbles through navigate through their created structured zones, or they can build separate structures to create exciting marble racing competitions with family and friends.

traveling size building tiles






 As parents, we understand the challenges of keeping kids engaged at restaurants, on long car trips, or while on family vacations. That is why this toy is a must-have; it's compact and portable, so they can be taken anywhere. This toy is a lifesaver for both parents and kids.



These three toy sets are a must have in any kids toy collection! The magnetic tile brick combo toy set is versatile that it creates endless fun, the marble run tiles create speedy fun maze adventures, and the on-the-go building toy set lets you bring all the fun you need wherever you go. As a plus, these toys are STEAM learning tools in disguise. Grab these must have toys and let the adventure begin.



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