Navigating the Best of 2023
A Analynn Kim

Navigating the Best of 2023

Dec 22, 2023

As we bid farewell to the year 2023, let's take a nostalgic trip through the engaging toys at In this blog, get ready to discover the standout toy moments over the past year. 2023 unfolded as a captivating journey, bringing joy and excitement to toy enthusiasts of all ages.


Innovative Play for Every Age:
From toddler treasures to teenage thrills, we showcased a spectrum of innovative toys that made playtime an adventure at every stage, ensuring there was something extraordinary for everyone. Our Learning Magnetic Cube blocks and Wooden Brain Teaser Puzzles were a hit with kids aged 9 and up, ensuring long-lasting interest within this age group. As children grew older, they were able to adapt their play by finding new and more complex ways to use the blocks.

PicassoTiles wooden puzzle brain teasers

Our magnetic building tiles were a hit with ages 3 and up, from our classic 100pc Magnet Building Tiles set to our various magnet building tile shapes. It didn't matter which set they bought because they loved them all.

PicassoTiles magnetic building blocks with windowsPicassoTiles classic magnetic building tile rocket ship toy set

Standout Toy Trends:
Trends in the toy world evolve, and we've been at the forefront of curating the latest and greatest. We introduced an array of themed magnetic building tile blocks that kids at every age loved. A few of our printed themed toy sets had interior and exterior prints and we even had toy sets that had 2in1 themes. Our themed magnetic building tiles toy collection makes for endless storytelling adventures. Here are a few toy sets that kids loved.

Marine aquarium magnetic building blocks construction setMagnetic themed building blocks construction toys


 Forest animal themed magnetic toy setfamily doll house magnetic building block toy set



Educational Fun for Little Explorers:
Learning through play is a cornerstone of childhood, and our selection of toys reflects this. Take a look into our toys that showcased educational fun and made playtime not just entertaining but also a valuable opportunity for growth and development. Throughout the year, our classic toy sets remained a consistent favorite, captivating the hearts of kids who couldn't get enough. Below, we highlight a couple of classic favorites that continued to steal the spotlight.

Classic PicassoTiles magnetic building theme setClassic Picassotiles marble run toy set


As we wrap up the toy-filled odyssey of 2023, we extend our gratitude for being part of your playtime adventures. Whether you're a parent, a collector, or simply young at heart, we have toys that will excite. Gear up for more new toy releases, engaging events, and surprises in the coming year at To get in the know, make sure you're subscribed to our newsletter. Happy playing!

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