Race Into Fun: Exploring PicassoTiles Magnetic Tiles Race Track Sets
A Analynn Kim

Race Into Fun: Exploring PicassoTiles Magnetic Tiles Race Track Sets

Jun 7, 2024


PicassoTiles has many toy collections that kids and parents rave about, but our magnetic race car track collection stands out as one of our favorite collections that kids and parents can't seem to resist. But what's the secret behind their widespread appeal? Let's dig in and uncover the exciting features that have turned them into a must-have for every playroom.



The Magnetic Magic: At the heart of our magnetic tiles race car tracks is their brilliant design. With easy-to-connect magnet tiles, kids can swiftly build and personalize their own tracks, stimulating their creativity.

We also offer exciting magnetic tile additions like support columns for multi-level tracks, LED cars for illuminated races, glow-in-the-dark marbles, and more. With diverse track styles and geometric shapes available, such as columns, slopes, and turns, it’s no wonder why playing with our magnetic tile race car tracks is so much fun!



Dream Big, Build Big! With the freedom to mix and match sets, kids can customize their playtime to suit their interests, ensuring each race is an exhilarating adventure. Our magnetic tiles race car tracks seamlessly connect with other full-sized toy sets, broadening the possibilities of building. This is one of the reasons why kids and parents adore our race car track sets. They can integrate different PicassoTiles playsets to construct an expansive racetrack or merge themes for captivating play. With countless combinations to explore, kids will be happily engaged for hours.


Fun & Learning Combined: Beyond the thrill of the race, magnetic race car tracks offer a unique blend of fun and learning. As children design and build their own race car tracks, they're not just engaging in pretend play, they're also developing valuable educational skills. From spatial awareness and planning abilities to fine motor skills, every twist and turn of the track is an opportunity for educational learning growth.

Whether they're constructing a simple oval track or tackling a complex obstacle course, kids are honing their creativity and problem-solving abilities with every creation. With PicassoTiles magnetic tiles race car tracks, the road to fun is also the path to learning.


Ready to Race?
With their magnetic allure and endless entertainment value, it's no wonder that our magnetic tiles race car tracks have become a favorite among kids of all ages. So why wait? Inspire your child's imagination and awaken their sense of adventure with a magnetic race car track of their own. Shop our magnetic tiles race car tracks now and get ready to join the thrill of racing fun!

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