Science Wonders: Celebrating National Science Day
A Analynn Kim

Science Wonders: Celebrating National Science Day

Feb 1, 2024


PicassoTiles national science day STEM toys

From waking up to falling asleep, science surrounds us. Our daily devices, medicines, and food showcase the marvels of scientific innovation. National Science Day is a chance to appreciate scientists whose discoveries enhance our lives.

Join us at PicassoTiles as we celebrate National Science Day all month. We aim to inspire the younger generation, emphasizing the crucial role of scientific education. We want to cultivate a passion for science, curiosity and pave the way for future careers in research and innovation. Discover how our STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) toys can achieve just that.


STEM Toys and National Science Day:

Beyond play, STEM toys immerse children in the wonders of science through hands-on, interactive experiences. They transcend conventional play, igniting curiosity, problem-solving skills, and nurturing creativity—fundamental components of scientific thinking.


Discover Customer Reviews:

Hands-On Learning: Our toys unfold a tactile adventure, enabling children to grasp scientific concepts through hands-on experimentation and exploration.

PicassoTiles magnetic building blocks



Here's what one of our customers using one of our magnetic tiles building block toy sets had to say, "As a therapist, I've used these to promote my grandson's hand skills, perception, spatial awareness, and engage his imagination."


Critical Thinking Skills: STEM toys serve as catalysts for critical thinking, encouraging problem-solving skills that lay the groundwork for scientific inquiry.

PicassoTiles extra magnetic tile pieces toy set

Our toys can even be used in the classroom, as expressed by a teacher who shared, "My students love these," in a review of our 12 piece right triangle expansion set. 





PicassoTiles travel sized magnetic toy set

Creativity and Innovation: STEM toys act as a spark for creativity, paving the way for the emergence of the next generation of innovators and inventors. These toys are not only inspiring but also classroom-friendly, as shown by a review on our 30 piece travel piece magnetic tile toy set. 


 Early Exposure to STEM Fields: By engaging with STEM toys, children forge an early bond with science, potentially steering them towards rewarding STEM-related careers in the future.

PicassoTiles marble run toy set

One delighted parent shared a review with one of our marble runs toy set, stating how her 4-year old plays with this toy set at school and how she now wants to build everyday after playing with one of our toys. 

Explore more reviews for our PicassoTiles STEM toys. Or, click on the images above to learn more and shop these favorite toys.


National Science Day Giveaway:

Don't miss our National Science Day Giveaway, happening the entire month of February. Subscribe to our newsletter for a chance to win a free PicassoTiles STEM toy. Three lucky winners will be selected, bringing the joy of science to your doorstep. Find out how to join us in celebrating the wonders of science and the excitement of discovery! Happy National Science Day!

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