Discover Our Pick-A-Parts and Pick-A-Part Progam

Have you ever experienced the frustration of missing parts in your favorite PicassoTiles toy set? Our Pick-A-Part products are your solution. Easily replace lost parts with our selected Pick-A-Part pieces. 

But there's more to Pick-A-Part than being a solution for missing pieces! They can expand your toy sets! Expand on your magnetic building tiles by building towering castles, intricate structures, and inspiring creations.  Transform your race car tracks into a sprawling speedway. Mix and match pieces, experiment with shapes, and watch as your child's boldest visions come to life.

With Pick-A-Part, you're not confined to the limitations of the original toy set. Instead, you're invited to think big, dream bigger, and build the unimaginable.

The excitement doesn't stop there.  Secure your access to even more innovation!  Our brand new Pick-A-Part subscription program is just around the corner. Be the first to know how it works by joining our newsletter for the inside scoop!




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